Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin


About the project


The information resource «Artists of Vitebsk Region» is a multi-language combined database of a local-history character. The essential part of the resource consists of the materials on the lives and artistic activities of members of the Public Association «The Union of Artists of Belarus» – painters, graphic artists, sculptors and masters of decorative and applied arts and installations. It also provides information about fine art experts and art photographers.

During the establishing of the database, bibliographic and full-text materials were used along with the information provided by the photographic documents from the archives of the State Institution «Vitebsk Regional Library named after V. I. Lenin», Public Association «The Union of Artists of Belarus» and personal archives of the artists.
The information provided by the website is grouped into two principal categories – «Artchronograph» (the history of the formation and evolution of art life in Vitebsk land) and «Portfolio» which gathers personal information about the artists, and, in its turn, is divided into several sections: «Biography», «Bibliography», «Exhibitions», «Gallery» and «Works».

The «Biography» section embraces information about the biography and artistic activities of an artist, and provides links to online sources.

The «Bibliography» section contains the list of literature sources about the life and art work of every artist. The articles that especially shed light on their life and artistic journey have been scanned and put in the section. They are fully accessible on clicking a dropdown link.

The section entitled as «Exhibitions» is a reflection of artistic activities of painters, while the «Gallery» is a collection of pictorial reproductions of the artists' works that reflects the variety of themes and styles.

The section «Works» contains a list of works that are sorted out chronologically. Within a year's section the list is sorted out alphabetically.

Some of the pages about artists have also a section entitled «Photo book» where photos from the artists' personal photo archives are showcased.

To ease the navigation trough the website and facilitate the search of information about the artists that works in one style or another, the section «Portfolio» has a search through subsections: «Fine Art Experts», «Decorative and Applied Arts», «Painting. Graphic Art», «Sculpture. Object. Installation», «Fine Art Photography». The function of elaborated search allows the visitors to look for any word taken from the content, i.e. names, pictures, keywords and so on.

The content of the database is written in the Russian, Belarusian and English languages, thus contributing to the diffusion of regional information through the Internet.
The database contains information about 144 artists. The structure of the informational resource is flexible enough to allow further development, extension and updating of its substantive and personal aspects.

This digital project would be interesting for scientists, local historians, students and all those who are interested in fine art of Vitebsk region.
In order to update and provide you the most reliable information we ask anyone who has relevant knowledge to share it with us. Any help you may be able to provide in this regard will be much appreciated.

The authors of the project are thankful to the regional organization of the Public Association «The Union of Artists of Belarus» for their contribution to the creation of the website and for the information provided.


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