Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin




Vasilyev Vasily Vyacheslavovich (02.12.1954, Orsha, Vitebsk region). Belarusian painter. He graduated from Art and Graphic Department of Vitebsk State Pedagogical Institute (1982), Monumental and Decorative Art Department of Belarusian Academy of Arts (1992). Vasily Vyacheslavovich studied under G. Vaschenko. He worked as a senior teacher (1992), an assistant professor of Design Subdepartment of Vitebsk State Technological University (1998), a member of a creative association «4–63» (1987–1990, Polotsk). Since 1978 Vasily Vyacheslavovich participates in exhibitions. Since 1993 he is a member of Belarusian Union of Artists. Lives in Vitebsk.

Among the works in the field of easel painting are: «Spring» (1983), «Woman and Bird» (1987); the abstract – series «Gurzuf-2» (1991), «The Signs of Water» (1992), installations – «Blue object» (1993), «Double Pyramid»(1994), «I'm homo sapiens» (1996), «Plastic Standard №3» (2000), «The Perimeter of Rising Sun», «The Upbringing of Columbus» (2003), «The Rest on the Way into Egypt» (2006), «The Escape into Egypt-2», «Who are you, where are you from?» (2008), «Sometimes I'm happy» (2009); performances «Red Wine» (1999), «The Star» (1999), etc. The author of the series «Seasons» in the Children Ward of Bykhov hospital (1990), «The Escape into Egypt» (2001), 12 icons for the iconostasis of the Church of Resurrection in Disna (1992).

Vasily Vyacheslavovich is the author and curator of a large number of conceptual projects. He creates installations, compositions in the field of «land art».

His works are kept in the collections of Belarusian Union of Artists, Polotsk Art Gallery, Vitebsk Art Museum.



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