Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin





«April. Pink dawn», paper, watercolors, 41x62

«Monuments of Polotsk», серия, paper, линогр., 37х47 – 5 работ

The library of ancient literature named after V. Drako, canvas, с.,71x60

The library of history literature named after V. Ksendzov, canvas, с., 97x50

«The Epiphany Cathedral»

«In a new flat», paper, gouache, 45x47

«Evening», paper, watercolors, 32x47

«Evening is coming», paper, watercolors, 30x43

«Evening sun», paper, watercolors, 32x44

«Near the Convent of the Saviour and St. Euphrosyne », paper, watercolors, 43x31

From the books by N. Glushko, canvas, с., 50x56

From the books by L. Drobov, canvas, с., 80x60

From the archaeological books by V. Ksendzov, canvas, с., 72x40

Tanya and Lili Drako's book, canvas, с., 84x64

«May evening», paper, gouache, 56x41

«Winter day. Sloboda», watercolors monoprinting, 41x56

«On the outskirts of Sloboda village», paper, watercolors, 33x44

«Still life with a coffee pot»,paper, watercolors, 32x45

«Still life with tomatoes and cucumbers», paper, watercolors, 32x41

«Polota river», paper, watercolors, 43x31

«Polotsk. Hotel»

«River», paper, watercolors, 32x43

«Saint Sophia Cathedral»

«Transfiguration Church»

«Gogol Street»

«Suvorov Street», paper, watercolors, 33x56

«The Black Sea near the shores of Odessa», paper, watercolors

Bookplate of G. Virasov, canvas, с., 82x42

Bookplate of A. Vishnevsky, canvas, с., 72x44

Bookplate of A. Gugnin, canvas, с., 57х48

Bookplate of A. Gugnin, canvas, с., 25x48

Bookplate of S. Dolmatov, canvas, с., 57x70

Bookplate of С. Delendik, canvas, с., 74x54

Bookplate of V. Drako, canvas, с., 38x30

Bookplate of A. Zhesterev, canvas, с., 40x52

Bookplate of S. Coltyghina, canvas, с., 54x42

Bookplate of A. Kernozhitsky, canvas, с., 82x42

Bookplate of V. Molchanov, canvas, с., 90x40

Bookplate of V. Napreenko, canvas, с., 52x41

Bookplate of V. Napreenko, canvas, с., 70x60

Bookplate of M. Rubenchik, canvas, с., 73x92

Bookplate of I. Rudchik, canvas, с., 51x57

Bookplate of I. Rud'ko, canvas, с., 48x67

Bookplate of N. Taranda, canvas, с., 65x72

Bookplate of V. Shamshur, canvas, с., 74x52


«Last days of St. Martin's summer», paper, gouache, 45x63

«Near whirlpool», paper, gouache, 41x58

From the library named after V. Drako

From the books by V. Atrashkevich, canvas, с., 97x73

From the books by V. Gorbenko

From the books by A. Kanapelko, canvas, с., 93x60

From the books by P. Kornach, canvas, с., 58x57

From the books by E. Sakhuto, canvas, с., 87x73

From the books by V Tereshchatova, canvas, с., 82x54

«Unexpected perspective», paper, watercolors, 42x31

«After thunder», paper, gouache, 39x56

Bookplate of V. and N. Otoprigor, canvas, с., 55x56

Bookplate of V. Volchuga, canvas,с., 75x40

Bookplate of Yan Gurba, canvas, с., 63x75

Bookplate of T. and M. Kenka, canvas, с., 58x80

Bookplate of S. Lvov, canvas, с., 33x69

Bookplate of B. Morozov, canvas, с., 97x52

Bookplate of V. Naumchik, canvas, с., 72x86

Bookplate of L. Pobol, canvas, с., 64x56

Bookplate of Leopold Feikhtinger, canvas, с., 61x63


«Bunches of ashberries and apples», paper, watercolors, 33x30

«Twilight in December», к., gouache, 29x41

«Summer», paper, gouache, 29x41

«Dawn in March», paper, watercolors, 42x59

«Still life with green apple», paper, gouache, 36x48

«Sky is grey», paper, gouache, 36x48

«Sunny morning», paper, gouache, 27x39

«Warm day», paper, gouache, 29x41

«South», paper, gouache, 37x27


«August. South», paper, gouache, 38x51

«August motif», paper, gouache, 40x54

«Road to Luchosa», paper, gouache, 38x51

«Polota », paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Sloboda», paper, gouache, 35x45

«Phlox in veranda», paper, gouache, 36x48


«After rain», paper, gouache, 25x37

«Sloboda», sketch, paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Sketch with old tree», paper, gouache, 49x35


«Road to temple», paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Роща», paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Sun on trees», paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Morning», sketch, paper, watercolors, 36x48


«Zapolotye. Winter day», 36x48

«Polota», paper, watercolors, 36x47

«Field flowers», paper, gouache, 48x36

«Old Polotsk», paper, watercolors, 36x48


«August clouds», paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Winter evening», к., oils, 40x60

«Outskirts», paper, watercolors, 48x36

«Polotsk. Winter landscape with the Epiphany Cathedral», paper, watercolors, 25x37

«Near pond», paper, watercolors, 36x48


«Summer evening. The Convent of Saint Euphrosyne », paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Summer day. Zapolotye», paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Evening in March», paper, gouache, 36x48

«Grove», paper, watercolors, 36x48

«September», paper, watercolors


«August. Clouds», paper, watercolors

«Snow fell», к., gouache, 29x36

«Blue morning», paper, watercolors, 29x42

«Sun in March», paper, watercolors, 25x37

«Lake», paper, watercolors, 29x42

«Morning snow», к., gouache, 30x42

«South», paper, watercolors, 36x48


«Yakovtsy village», paper, watercolors, 35x48

«July morning. Bocheykovo», paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Summer evening in the park», paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Cloudy day», paper, watercolors, 36x48

«Morning snow», paper, watercolors

«Hill», paper, watercolors, 36x48