Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin




Izoitko Anatoly Sergeevich (21.12.1954, Polotsk, Vitebsk region - 27.07.2014, Vitebsk), Belarusian painter. He graduated from Vitebsk Technological Institute of Light Industry (1984). In 1984-89 Anatoly Sergeevich had been teaching at Vitebsk State Technological University, since 1989 - the painter at the plant «Mastatstva». Since 1995 he is a member of Belarusian Union of Artists.

The artist worked in easel painting and drawing. The author's mythology determines character of the images, complex composite constructions, color and tonal contrasts dominate in the works.

Among his major works are: «Moy Rodny Kut» (1989), «Old Vitebsk» (1998), «The Broken Mirrosr» (1999), «In Memory of S. Kukhto» (1999), «The Artist and the Inspiration» (2000), «Eastern Star» (2000), «Annunciation» (2001), «First Snow» (2001), «Born in the Year of the Horse. Self-Portrait» (2002), «Peonies» (2003), «Angels Playing with a Candle» (2005), «Bird Cherry in the Town» (2006), «Fairy» (2007), «Meeting of the Lord» (2008), «Antonovka» (2008) and others.

The artist's works are held in state and private collections of Belarus and some countries abroad.



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