Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin





«Duck hunt», plywood, 48x32

«Based on greek myths», 50x68



«Birchwood», canvas, oils, 17х26

«Forest road», canvas, oils, 26х17



«Spring in Prussia», canvas, oils, 23х35

«Thoughts of a soldier», cardboard, oils, 32х22



«The Peter and Paul Fortress», canvas, oils, 27х17

«Five-time European champion in weight lifting V. F. Kovalev» (the brother of the artist), 108х51



«Winter on the Field of Mars», cardboard, oils, 23х15

«The Field of Mars», 18х24

«The portrait of the father», 54х44



«St. Isaac Cathedral», cardboard, oils, 29х17



«White nights», cardboard, oils, 22х19

«Rainy day», 24х13



«Site of Pushkin's Duel», cardboard, oils, 13х21



«Late autumn», 18х30

«Forest path», cardboard, oils, 15х10



«Medal. M. Glinka», casting, metal

«Medal. N. Gogol», plaster

«Medal. Peter I», electroplating, copper

«Medal. A. Rubinstein », casting, metal

«The beginning of March», cardboard, oils, 17х25

«The mother's window», 29х19



«In Yasnaya Polyana», paper, watercolors, 27х42



«Fontanka in the evening», canvas, oils, 22х17



«Morning on the Volga», cardboard, oils, 17х46



«House in Transcarpathia», cardboard, oils, 19х18



«Zasviyazhie in winter», cardboard, oils, 10х29

«Cypresses», 21х15

«Port in Yalta», 23х16

«Rocks in Alupka. The Crimea», 18х10,5

«The emblem of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant», 6х17,5 х1,2



«Cypresses», cardboard, oils, 21х15

«Cliff of Aivazovsky», cardboard, oils, 15х13



Badge gift «BelAZ»



Plateau, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Vitebsk

Medal, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Vitebsk



«Ruins of Brest», paper, watercolors, 32х45



Medal dedicated to the awarding of Vitebsk region with the Order of Lenin

Tinted glass mosaic in the «Motherland» cinema located in Haradok, Vitebsk region, 500х3000



Sign dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Vitebsk, 12х28



«Morning in the mountains» (Novy Aphon), cardboard, oils, 22х15



«Lenin House-Museum in Ulyanovsk», cardboard, гуашь, 32х44



«Barvin-perevoz», cardboard, oils, 43х59

«Smells spring», cardboard, oils, 60х45

«Repin sites on the Dvina», 43х59



«In Alupka», cardboard, oils, 15х22



«The bank of the Dvina river», 40х68

«The Dvina in spring», cardboard, oils, 40х68



«Dahlias», cardboard, oils, 68х48

«Farewell of Slavianka. The Hero of the Soviet Union V. Khoruzhaya», 96х79



«Sasha», paper, watercolors, 61х48



«In Miskhore», paper, watercolors, 28х41



«Lake in Ezerishche», cardboard, oils, 15x23



«Father Minay. The hero of the Soviet Union M. F. Shmyryov», 65x93



«Veteran», 80x50

«First green», cardboard, oils, 35x66



«The Ardon's whitewater. North Ossetia», 13x20

«Evening in the mountains. North Ossetia», 28x33

«The Hero of the Soviet Union M. I. Druzhinin». The hall of fame of the secondary school No. 28,Moscow

«Mountain stream in North Ossetia», 50x30

«Pechorin grot in Pyatigorsk», cardboard, oils, 22х15

«Dariali Gorge», cardboard, oils, 12х21

«Children of war», 93х116

«Mount Kazbek cupola. North Ossetia», 20х13

«Site of Lermontov's duel», cardboard, oils, 12х19

«The Terek. North Ossetia», 15х22



«The Hero of the Soviet Union V. Khoruzhaya», 75х70

«March sun», cardboard, oils, 15х20

«Father's home», cardboard, oils, 16х22

«Flood in Vitebsk», cardboard, oils, 18х22



«Reconnaissance mission», canvas, oils, 92х130

«Evening in Haradok», cardboard, oils, 13х19

«Irina is writing. Zdravnyovo», cardboard, oils, 29х21

«Last steps of Misha Moroz», MDF, oils, 108х139

«Sasha», canvas, oils, 58х46

«Student», canvas, oils, 87х53

«Street in Verkhnyadzvinsk», cardboard, oils, 10х13



«Reconnaissance mission. Dedicated to the reconnaissance units of the 19th regiment», 76х130

«Chiurlionis' home in Druskininkai», cardboard, oils, 13х19

Sign, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Belarusian heavy athletics

«May snow», cardboard, oils, 29х20

Medal «70 years of Belarusian heavy athletics»



«Bunch of lilac», cardboard, oils, 68х48

«Veteran», MDF, oils, 78х51

«Memories», canvas, oils, 70х50

«The Hero of the Soviet Union V. A. Trushin». The bust is installed on the place where the hero had died near Konigsberg

«He did not return from the battle. Vladimir Vysotsky», 80х102

«Way to the temple», 80х50

«Wounded soldier», MDF, oils, 78х65



«In Zdravnyovo», cardboard, oils, 50х70

«Enemies burned down my home...», 68х89

«From a village in fire», canvas, oils, 62х88

«Jacob's cathedral in Vilnius», 14х19

«Summer in Zdravnyovo», 50х70

«Over the Volga. Ulyanovsk wrath», 60х94

«Father's home», MDF, oils, 68х89

«Memorial in honor of the 61st rifle regiment near Vitebsk», 16х22

«Dedicated to the reconnaissance units of the 19th regiment», canvas, oils, 92х131

«Ulyanovsk slope», canvas, oils, 60х94



«Unnumbered hill», cardboard, oils, 44х64

«A. P. Chekhov bay in Gurzuf», canvas, oils, 50х70

«In Gurzuf. The Crimea», 40х45

«Spring in Gurzuf», canvas, oils, 50х70

«Evening in Gurzuf», canvas, oils, 59х57

«Evening on the sea», canvas, oils, 50х70

«Lookout tower of the Genuese fortress in Sudak. The Crimea», 80х60

«House in Gurzuf, where A. S. Pushkin lived», cardboard, oils, 70х50

«A. P. Chekhov's house in Gurzuf», canvas, oils, 50х70

«House besides the sea», cardboard, oils, 64х44

«Road to the mountains», canvas, oils, 68х48

«Woman in red», cardboard, oils, 64х44

«Dedicated to the unknown mariner», cardboard, oils, 50х70

«Outcast», 50х70

«Ruins of Chersonese», MDF, oils, 55х106

«Cliff of Pushkin in Gurzuf», cardboard, oils, 80х50

«Cliff of Chaliapin in the Crimea», canvas, oils, 80х89

«Cliffs and sea», cardboard, oils, 50х80

«The Sophia of Polotsk», MDF, oils, 120х80

«Tatarian yard in Gurzuf», 50х40

«Path in the mountains», cardboard, oils, 50х40

«Morning in Gurzuf», 50х70

«Morning in the Crimea», cardboard, oils, 64х44

«Church in Sochi», canvas, oils, 50х35

«Seagulls», canvas, oils, 67х68



«Meeting» (Dandelions), canvas, oils, 90х180

«Koshka mountain in the Crimea», MDF, oils, 47х93

«Dante gorge», cardboard, oils, 49х35

«Dolgopolyie village», 53х73

«Children of war», MDF, oils, 93х116

«Frost», пластик, oils, 61х90

«My Homeland» (Zavspol village), cardboard, oils, 43х53

«He did not return from the battle», MDF, oils, 80х102

«Early spring», canvas, oils, 80х120



«December», MDF, oils, 74х102

«The Field of Mars», MDF, oils, 60х80

«First snow», 60х80

«Joy», MDF, oils, 138х77

«The master of tomorrow», MDF, oils, 52х59



«Towers of the Kolomna Kremlin», canvas, oils, 35х25

«in the Lepel park», cardboard, oils, 30х40

«In Novodevichy. Moscow», 65х38

«Spring in Dyakovo» (localities near Moscow), cardboard, oils, 50х80

«Spring in Novodevichy», canvas, oils, 65х87

«Everything is white», cardboard, oils,50 х80

«Entrance gates of the Karelsky Monastery», canvas, oils, 25х35

«Oakes in Kolomesnky», cardboard, oils, 50х80

«Here lies Pushkin», cardboard, oils, 49х34

«Winter in Kolomensky», cardboard, oils, 50х80

«Winter in Mikhailovsky», cardboard, oils, 33х50

«Winter in Novodevichy», cardboard, oils, 50х80

«Winter in Svyatogorsk», cardboard, oils, 35х27

«The Kazan Cathedral in Kolomensky», 50х87

«Toll», canvas, oils, 35х25

«Lepiel motif», 30х50

«May in Polenovo», 30х50

«May day in the Novodevichy Convent», 65х87

Medal, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the VSPI (named after S. M. Kirov)

«Frosty night», cardboard, oils, 50х40

«Over the Moscow River», cardboard, oils,80 х50

«A tower of the Novodevichy Convent over a pond», cardboard, oils, 70х50

«The Novodevichy Convent», cardboard, oils, 50х80

«The Novodevichy Convent in winter», 50х80

«The New Jerusalem Monastery», canvas, oils, 25х35

«Autumn twilight», canvas, oils, 65х89

«Autumn in Braslav land», MDF, oils, 80х120

«On New Year's eve», MDF, oils, 66х79

«The Svyato-Danilov Monastery», cardboard, oils, 50х80

«Slobodko», cardboard, oils, 48х30

«The Smolensky Cathedral of the Novodevichy Convent», canvas, oils, 65х87

«Silence», cardboard, oils, 38х50

«The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius», canvas, oils, 65х87

«A corner in Kolomna», cardboard, oils, 50х80

«Morning silence» (Лодки), canvas, oils, 80х100

«Fedoskino », canvas, oils, 25х35

«Little farmstead», canvas, oils, 77х88

«Church in Dubrovitsy», cardboard, oils, 50х65

«The Church of the Ascension in Kolomensky», cardboard, oils, 80х50



«Evening on the Dvina», canvas, oils, 63х100

«Galya», canvas, oils, 87х58

«Little house in Mikhaylovskoye», 35х45

«Gold of life», canvas, oils, 200х120

«Red carnation», cardboard, oils, 80х45

«Lepiel Virgin», canvas, oils, 81х54

«Mother», MDF, oils, 64х79

«My fellow countrymen», canvas, oils, 93х126

«...towards evening...», MDF, oils, 58х92

«Over the Dvina», MDF, oils, 80х50

«The Cathedral of St. Sophia in Novgorod», 48х68

«The Novgorod Kremlin», 30х50

«Autumn in Mikhaylovsky», 35х45

«Panorama of Haradok», 50х100

«Svyatogorsk monastery », 50х30

«Lilac on the sketch-book», 70х50

«Corner of the old Novgorod», 50х70

«Ilya Repin's country estate in Zdravnyovo», 34х50



«Native of the Volga region », 66х78

«Here it is, Germany!», 79х103

«Road towards Pushkin», 95х140

«Nina», 72х50

«Autumn on Braslav lake», 80х120

«Where from and what for?», 140х80

«Onegin bench in Mikhaylovksky», 60х80

«I. Talkov in Vitebsk», 79х103



«Lepiel church», 50х30



«Spring on the Bug», 20х30

«Frosty evening», 40х50

«Little stacks», 40х50

«Church in Luzhesno», 33х20



«Belarusian writer and poet Sergei Razboev», 60х60

«Vitebsk olden time », 87х112

«December evening», 50х30

«Unbowed», 70х80

«Russian soldier», 80х80

«Apple tree in bloom», 13х22



«Anthem to the old Vitebsk. The Annunciation church». Left part of the triptych, 94х65

«Anthem to the old Vitebsk. View on the Cathedral of the Assumption». Central part of the triptych, 105х135

«Anthem to the old Vitebsk. The Vitba and the Nikolsky cathedral». Right part of the triptych, 94х65

«Winter tale», 86х112

«Mellow autumn», 60х70

«Church on the Nerl», 50х30



«Forest road», 17х25

«Leader of the partisan brigade. The Honorary citizen of Vitebsk N. A. Sakmarkin», 80х60

«Lepiel lake», 60х70

«Nesvizh towers», 27х19

«The Nesvizh castle», 32х19

«Autumn on the Dvina», 50х70



«Spring flood», 30х20

«Partisan bath», 72х87

«Senno district. Shyrky village. The birthplace of P. M. Masherov», 57х78

«Corner of Vitebk land», 15х25

«Little hamlet», 77х88



«Afghan girl», 69х79

«Cornflowers», 50х30

«Spring on the Dvina», 69х90

«The oak of the ancestors of A. F. Kovalev», 28х22

«Hello, Vitebsk!», 79х102

«Russian trio», 75х112



«Unnumbered hill», 50х60

«Belarusian poet B. P. Belezhenko», 80х60

«Bunch of flowers», 50х30

«December motif», 59х100

«Mellow chime», 60х90



«Belaya Rus'», 112х148

«Kirov bridge in Vitebsk», 34х49

«Young defendant of the Motherland P. P. Uselenokны», 60х60



«Monument to the year 1812 in Smolensk», 23х14

«Surgeon V. V. Shvarenok», 80х60



«Poppies», 56х37

«The museum of P. Maslenikov in Mogilev», 31х22

«February 1943 in the village of Oskoto of Haradok region», 100х69



«Alexei Vashchenko», 70х60

«Bell-flowers», 60х44

«On the Dvina», 15х22

«Forget-me-nots», 60х60

«Heroic deed of Akexei Vashchenko», 70х90



«Ludmila», 60х40

«September motif in Lyotsy», 31х22

«Flowers in the blue bowl», 49х33

«Chao Lu. A Chinese student of the VSU (named after P. M. Masherov)», 50х40

«Yanka Kupala in St. Petersburg», 95х150