Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin





«Wood goblin», etching



«The Portrait of L. Sapega»



«The Breath of Spring», canvas, oils

«The Cathedral of the Assumption in Vitebsk in the 19th century», etching



«Still Life with Poppies», etching



«I am the Door...», paper, watercolors



«Self-portrait», canvas, acrylic paint

«Composition I», canvas, acrylic paint, 55х50

«Composition II», canvas, acrylic paint, 55х50



«Small Yard in Braslav», canvas, oils, 40х40

«Composition», canvas, acrylic paint, 53х47



«The Vitebsk of the 19th century. Suvorov Street», canvas, acrylic paint, 50х70

«Vitebsk. The 19th century. Smolenskaya Street», canvas, acrylic paint

«Vitebsk. The View on the Vitba and the Cathedral of the Assumption. The 19th century», canvas, acrylic paint, 50х70

«Vitebsk. The Choral Synagogue in the 19th century», canvas, acrylic paint

«Composition», canvas, acrylic paint, 42х47



«Vitovt», canvas, acrylic paint, 20х30

«L. Sapega», canvas, acrylic paint, 20х30

«Olgierd», canvas, acrylic paint, 20х30

«The Panorama of the Centre of Vitebsk Seen from the Church of the Holy Ghost», canvas, acrylic paint

«Landscape», canvas, acrylic paint, 70х80



«St. Nicolas Cathedral. The Former Polish Roman Catholic church of the Jesuit Monastery in the 17th-19th centuries»



«Belarusian Past», triptych, paper, acrylic paint, 24х17

«Vitebsk. Vitebsk. Hierarch's House», canvas, oils, 60х70

«Vitebsk», canvas, acrylic paint, 50х60

«Dutch Landscape», canvas, oils, 75х95

«From Fern and Pantry», canvas, oils, 60х70

«Wheel of Time», canvas, oils, 60х70

«Still Life», canvas, oils, 60х70

«Unread», canvas, oils, 60х70

«St. Nicolas Cathedral», canvas, acrylic paint, 60х70

«Exinanition», canvas, oils, 60х70

«Three Shapes», canvas, oils, 60х70

«Extinct Life», canvas, oils, 60х70

«The Church with Narrowly Opened Doors», canvas, oils, 80х60

«The Echo of the Earliest Times», paper, acrylic paint, 24х17



«Veil of Veronica», canvas, acrylic paint, 70х60



«Peasant Still Life», canvas, oils, 45х55

«Ruined and Elevated», canvas, oils, 60х70



«Conversational Table for Two», canvas, oils, 45х60

«God Almighty», 120х140

«Drawing of Belarusian Life», canvas, oils, 80х100

«Bishop of Vitebsk Oleg Butkevich», canvas, oils

«From Birchbark Life», canvas, oils, 60х70

«Evening of Prayers», canvas, oils 60х70

«Still Life with a Big Kettle», canvas, oils, 60х56

«Still Life with Drapery», canvas, oils, 60х56

«Unclipped» association», canvas, oils, 55х40

«Peter and Fevronia», 120х140

«The Ruins of the Church Where my Grandfather Was Baptized», canvas, oils, 80х100

«The Light of Soul Didn't Fade», canvas, oils, 45х70

«Glass, Ceramic Tile, Smalt», canvas, oils, 60х70

«Box of Memory», canvas, oils, 60х70