Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin




Torosian Azat (19.12.1941, Erevan, Armenia – 14.01.2023, Vitebsk), Belarussian sculptor. He graduated from Erevan Art College named after P. Terlemezyan (1963), studied in Erevan Theatre and Art Institute (1963–1964), graduated from Leningrad Art and Industry High College named after V. Mukhina (1969). Since 1988 he is a member of Union of Artists. He lived in Vitebsk. He worked also in graphic arts.

Among his works a lot of various genres of monumental and easel sculpture: monuments, works of decorative sculpture, plastic art, graphics. His major works are: the equestrian statue «Herald of New World» (1969), the monument to the soldiers killed in Tihmyanskaya Height (Liozno, 1970), a monument to S. M. Kirov (Vitebsk region, 1971), the decorative relief «Ancient Vitebsk» (Hotel «Vitebsk», 1975–1977), the relief «Space» (on the facade of the cinema «Cosmos», Novopolotsk, 1975–1977), the decorative composition «Medicine» (on the facade of the polyclinic in Novopolotsk in collaboration with B. Kuzmichev, 1975), the composition «Medicine» (on the facade of the polyclinic, Vitebsk, 1979), the sculpture «The Confluence of Three Rivers» (Vitebsk, 1985–1991), two sculptural groups in Victory Square (Vitebsk, 1979–85), the sculpture «Muse» (in front of the plant «Art», Vitebsk, 1975–1977), the series of bronze busts of the Heroes of the Soviet Union for the museum in Beshenkovichy (1980), the sculpture «Orpheus» (the summer amphitheater, Vitebsk, 1991–1994), the sculpture «Lyre» (near the music school in Liozno, 1994–1997), 15 sculptural portraits of famous composers (Vitebsk Music College, 1994–1997), the memorial plaque and the bust of the Hero of the Soviet Union F. Blokhin (1992–1995), the sculpture «Motherhood» (the foyer of Vitebsk State Medical University, 2000–2001), «Goddess of Medicine – Gigieya» (2004) etc.



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arrow Торосян Азат Никогосович в Витебской энциклопедии