Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin




Kruglikova Marina (25.07.1965, Polotsk, Vitebsk region), Belarusian artist. She graduated from Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute (1987). A participant of art exhibitions (since 1986). A member of Belarusian Union of Artists (1994). Lives in Novopolotsk.

The artist works in graphics, easel painting, poster.

Among the works are: graphic composition «Eternal Theme»; series «Trees», «Memories of Arlit», «Return to Arnan», «Dream», «They Go Uphill»; sheets «Midsummer», «To Elise», «Patriarch», «Sad Winter»; landscapes «Autumn», «Roads to Heaven»; posters «Literary and Folk Festival in Reserve «Vyazynka», a series of posters «500 Years Since the Birth of Skaryna».



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