Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin




Art Exhibitions of А. Shienok



– exhibitions.



– personal exhibition.



– 8th all-union exhibition of watercolours, Leningrad.



– anniversary personal exhibition, Vitebsk (The Museum of Local History);
– exhibition of the artists from Vitebsk region, Minsk.



– personal exhibition, Sharkawshchyna (local library).



– group exhibition of watercolorists, Vitebsk;
– group exhibition of watercolorists, Mogilev;
– group exhibition of watercolorists, Frankfurt (Germany);
– group exhibition of watercolorists, Villeurbanne (France).



– exhibition, Frankfort on the Main(Germany).



– exhibition of watercolours, Rehburg (Germany);
– exhibition of watercolours, Wien (Austria);
– exhibition «Vitebsk Artists in Smolensk», Smolensk;
– exhibition to the 120th anniversary of М. Bogdanovich, Minsk;
– exhibition «Zdravnevo» together with V. Kruk, Vitebsk;
– exhibition «Teacher and Students», Sharkawshchyna;
– exhibition «Subjective Realism», Minsk;
– regional exhibition «Vitebsk Artists at the End of the 20th – Beginning of the 21st Century», Vitebsk;
– exhibition «What does Motherland Start with?», Vitebsk;
– personal exhibition at the estate of Repin (Zdravnevo), Vitebsk;
– republican exhibition after the E. Plater open air, Polotsk, Minsk.



– exhibition of watercolours, Wien (Austria);
– exhibition together with V. Kruk, Gorodok;
– exhibition of watercolours, Rehburg (Germany);
–international exhibition-project «Slavic Brotherhood». Exhibition hall «Hodynka», Moscow (Russia);
– exhibition of the works «Fine Gift, Invaluable Gift», granted to Vitebsk Art Museum, Vitebsk;
– republican exhibition to the 120th anniversary of M. Bogdanovich. Art Palace, Minsk;
– exhibition based on the results of the plein air dedicated to V. Bykov (Vitebsk Arts Museum), Vitebsk;
– exhibition together with V. Kruk, Glubokoye.



– exhibition of watercolours, Wien (Austria);
– exhibition of watercolours, Falconara (Italy);
– art project «Slavic Brotherhood». Art Museum, Vitebsk;
– exhibition of Vitebsk artists to the 700th anniversary of the state Loccum foundation (Germany);
– exhibition of watercolours and photo, Sharkawshchyna district.



– exhibition «The Eighth Day» (Cultural and historical complex «Golden Ring of the city of Vitebsk "Dvina"», June 17 – July 19), Vitebsk.



– exhibition-salon «Vitebsk Artist» (Vitebsk Arts Museum), Vitebsk;
– personal anniversary exhibition «Beyond the Single Sky» (Vitebsk Arts Museum, March 17 – April 5), Vitebsk;
– exhibition «Beyond the Native Sky» (the branch of CE «Vitebsk Regional Museum of Local History» the museum-estate of I. Ye. Repin «Zdravnevo»), Vitebsk;
– exhibition «Vitebsk Watercolours. The Quarter of a Century» (Vitebsk Arts Museum), Vitebsk.



– exhibition «Vitebsk Land Cathedrals» (Vitebsk Arts Museum), Vitebsk;
– exhibition «Vitebsk Watercolours» commemorating the 25th anniversary of the watercolour artists association of which authors from Vitebsk, Mogilev, Novopolotsk were members over the years (Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery, April), Minsk.




Open airs




– Khrutsky open air, Vitebsk.



– open air dedicated to V. Bykov. Exhibition. Art Museum, Vitebsk.



– open air to the 125th anniversary of Y. Drozdovich. V-ge. Peradoly, Glubokoye district, Vitebsk region; v-ge. Liplyany, Lelchitsy district, Gomel region.