Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin




The List of major works



«Flowers Are Still Flourishing on the Native Land of the Artist» (Susha village, the place where I. Khrutski was baptized), canvas, oils, 46.5х62



«The Vitba Side in Counter Light», MDF, oils, 39х49.5



«Wooden Church in Nivniky Village of Miory District», MDF, oils, 40х48



«I. Repin's Country Estate in Zdravnyovo», canvas, oils, 52х64.5



«Ruins of a Church, Ulla», MDF, oils, 37х56

«Silence Over Backwaters of a Lake», canvas, oils, 35х55



«View From the Window», MDF, oils, 58.5х35

«View From Zamkovaya Hill, Vitebsk», MDF, oils, 66.5х42

«Vitebsk Forum», MDF, oils, 45х60



«Undressed Vitebsk», canvas, oils, 45х60


Works (No Date)

«God Wills Spring – Time to Go to Tsargrad», MDF, oils, 35х49.5

«Former Mansion of the Beginning of the 20th Century», paper, ink, pen

«A Small Yard in Vitebsk» (from the series «Vitebsk History»), MDF, artist's technique, 20х30

«The Resurrection (Rynochnaya) Church on Poddvinskaya Street», paper, ink, pen

«Summer Houses», MDF, oils, 41х53

«Village on the Island», paper, watercolors, 21.4х30.8

«A Wooden Five-Domed Church», paper, ink, pen, 14.5х11.7

«M. Chagall's House», paper, ink, pen

«Preserved Ruins of the Ancient Annunciation Church in Vitebsk», cardboard, oils, 34.5х50.5

«Dusk in the Field», paper, watercolors, 16.5х19

«The Building of the Former First High Public Art School of Vitebsk, and then – the Art and Practical Institute (1918–1923)», paper, ink, pen

«The Building of the Church of Common Faith of the Dormition of the Mother of God in the Botanic Garden of Vitebsk», cardboard, oils, 36.5х49.5

«From the Plan of the Ancient Vitebsk (1664)», paper, ink, pen

«Fate Trials. Abandoned Church», paper, Black ink pen, 9х11.8

«The Mogilev Cathedral, Erected in 1616–1631ss.», paper, ink, pen

«The Boris and Gleb Fratry on the Junction of a Stream», paper, ink, pen, 20х30

«The Beginning of the 20th Century» (from the series «Vitebsk History»), MDF, artist's technique, 21х29

«Sudden Rain», paper, watercolors, 15.5х26.4

«Lake Shore in May», cardboard, oils, 36.5х49.5

«Autumn Mood. It's Getting Cold», paper, watercolors, 21.8х31.4

«The Rest of the Pass», paper, watercolors, 20.3х28.7

«From Ancient Castles» (from the series «Vitebsk History»), MDF, artist's technique, 23х31

«View of the Historical Part of Vitebsk in the Beginning of the 20th Century», paper, ink, pen

«Landscape With the Cathedral», paper, colored ink pens, 22х31.6

«St. Petersburg Landscape», paper, watercolors, 14.3х18.5

«St. Petersburg Landscape» (view on the Admiralty), paper, watercolors, 11.5х15.5

«Ruined Church», paper, black ink pen, 21х15.3

«The St. George's (Yuriev) Monastery in the Field Near Polotsk 12th–16th Centuries», cardboard, oils, 49.5х68

«St. Nicolas Church in Ikazn' Village», MDF, oils, 50х69.5

«The Holy Trinity («Chornaya») Church on Peskovatik», paper, ink, pen

«Lilac. In Honor of Great Traditions», cardboard, oils

«Silence», paper, watercolors, 21.4х30.7

«The Fortification of the Settlement of the Tribe of Krivichy on Zamkovaya Hill on the Junction of the Vitba and Western Dvina Rivers», paper, ink, pen

«The Temple of Polotsk Merchants on Novgorod Fair», MDF, oils, 49.5х79

«The Center of Vitebsk at the End of the 19th Century. View on the Market Square With the City Hall, the Cathedral of St. Antony and the Resurrection Church», paper, ink, pen

«The Twin-Churches of the Birth and Intercession of the Holy Virgin (From the Breach), 16th Century, Pskov», cardboard, oils, 32.5х49.5

«Church in Luzhesno», paper, ink, pen, 8.2х11.8

«Church in Baroque», paper, ink, pen, 12х12

«The Church (On the Hill) of St. Basil the Great in Pskov», cardboard, oils, 36.5х49.5

«The Church on the Outskirts of Drysvyaty Village of Braslov District», MDF, oils, 44х41

«The Church of the Savior on Blood», paper, ink, colored pencils, 28.4х20.3

«Book Plate of G. Lebedyev»

«Sketch to a Historical Picture» (Combined Parts I and II) paper, watercolors, 27х53.7