Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin




 The List of Major Works



– bas-relief of the monument «Tikhmyanovskaya Height» installed in Liozno district, Vitebsk region. Concrete, 1,80х14 m.



– monument to S. M. Kirov (for the state farm named after S. Kirov, Vitebsk Region). Concrete, 4 m



– cinema «Belarus», Vitebsk: «Socialistic Belarus», copper embossing, 3х5 m; «History of the Soviet Cinema», aluminum embossing, 3х18 m. Works are made together with artists G.Schutov and B. Kuzmichev.



– memorial monument to the people 's artist of the USSR A. Ilyinsky. Granite, bronze, 2х2, 40х2,40 m



– memorial monument at the height named after the hero of the Soviet Union L. Tikhmyanov (near Osipenki village, Liozno district) (together with architect Z. Ozerova);

– hotel «Vitebsk», Vitebsk: «Old Vitebsk», ceramic relief, 4х6 m; «Field of Flowering Flax», colored stained-glass window, 3,80х11 m. Works are made together with artists G. Schutov and B. Kuzmichev.



– composition «Space» on the facade of the cinema «Space» in Novopolotsk.



– «Muse» («Pravda» Newspaper Street).



– sculpture composition with fountains «Junction of Three Rivers – Vitba, Luchesa, Dvina» on Lenin Street (Vitebsk).



–  memorial sign to warriors-internationalists in Novolukoml, Vitebsk region;

– memorial sign to tatar warriors who died during the Great Patriotic War (in the memorial complex in Kopti village, Vitebsk region ).

– memorial sign to police officers who died in the line of duty, Vitebsk (near the building of the Department of Internal Affairs of Oblast Executive Committee on Frunze Avenue).




– composition «Meeting» at the railway station, Vitebsk (together with A. Gvozdikov).



– monument to M. Chagall in Liozno (together with A. Gvozdikov).



–  memorial board to Mikhail Titov, Vitebsk;

– busts of heroes of the Soviet Union L. Dovator, P. Romanov, К. Abazovsky, М. Tkachenko, I.S trochko, М. Vysogorets.