Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin




Lukyanenko Viktor (14.01.1953, Vitebsk), Belarusian painter. He graduated from Art and Graphic Department of Vitebsk State Pedagogic Institute, now known as Vitebsk State University (1976). He was taught by F.Gumen, E.Krasovsky, L.Antimonov and A.Chmyl. The artist is a participant of art exhibitions since 1976. Since 1991 he is a member of Belarusian Union of Artists. He lives in Novopolotsk.

The artist works in easel and mural painting.

Among his main works are: «Metamorphoses. Flight over the Dvina» (1989-1990), «Falling Stars of Vitebsk» (1990), «The Garden of Gethsemane» (1993), «The Ninth Century AD» (1995), «Twosome» (1996), «Revelation» (dedicated to Vaclau Lastouski) (1997-1998), «Era of Christ» (1997-1998), «Irises» (2004), «Apparition over Polotsk» (2004), diptychs «And Then a Human Came...» (1986), «Saint Sophia Cathedral» (1990), triptychs «White Islands of Our Memory» (1987), «The Wind Above the Dvina» (1990), «Rubon's Gold» (1993) and others.

The works of the artist are kept in Novopolotsk Museum of Local History, National Museum in Szczecin (Poland), state and private collections in Belarus.



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