Painters of Vitebsk

Artist – a magician, a big heart. It retrieves beauty finds freshness in all subordinates element.

Marc Chagall

Vitebsk Regional Library

Named After V. I. Lenin




Liahovich Valentina (03.05.1945, st. Divenskaya, Gatchino district, Leningrad region), Belarusian painter. She graduated from  Art and Graphic Department of Vitebsk State Pedagogical Institute, now known as Vitebsk State University named after P. Masherov, in 1969. A participant of art exhibition (since 1967). She worked at Vitebsk Art Complex, taught at Art and Graphic Department of Vitebsk State University named after P. Masherov. A member of the USSR Union of Artists' (since 1973), a member of Belarusian Union of Artists. The painter lives in Vitebsk.

The artist works mainly in watercolours, mixed technique, creates modern art objects.

Among her works are: watercolours «Autumn» (1966), «Old Vitebsk Corner» (1972), «Celebration at the Dvina» (1982), «Luchosa in the Evening» (1984), the triptych «An Early Spring» (1976), abstract paintings «Collage» (1989), «Destroyed World» (1991), «Artist and Time» (1994), «Creation of the World» (1997), «A Big Wave» (2002), «Prayer» (2008), «A Man Has 2 Worlds...» (2008), a series «Woman and Parrot» (1993). She is the author of modern art objects «Fish» (2005), «Energy» (dedication to Fernand Léger) (2010), «Red-Haired Artist» (2010) and others.

Artist's works are kept in Vitebsk Art Museum, Marc Chagall's Museum (Vitebsk), the Museum of Modern Fine Art (Minsk, Belarus), Polotsk Art Gallery (Belarus), the Verenzhain Museum (Germany), the Gallery «Urban» in Saragoza (Spain) and private collections in Russia, Germany, Israel, Spain, Poland, the USA, France and Switzerland.



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arrow Арт-проект Валентины Ляхович «Родня» в Витебском областном краеведческом музее

arrow Выставка работ Валентины Ляхович «Родня»

arrow Ляхович Валентина

 arrow Свои работы для выставки «Родня» Валентина Ляхович создавала из пенопласта, старых зеркал и фарфора